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According to the recent research findings, it was found that many kids face troubles getting used to the English language as they start going to school in India. They might be fluent in their mother tongue but might turn shy and quiet as they face the daunting task of learning a new language in school.

So, here are a few games and activities for you and your child, to improve his/her language development:

Be a good role model – speak clearly and slowly. And face your child while you are talking to him/her. If your child says a word or sentence incorrectly, rather than correcting him/her or asking him/her to repeat it, just say the word/sentence back to them correctly to show that you have understood what he/she has said

Spell it out – when your child gets stuck with a word or is not able to pronounce the word, you can ask him/her to spell the word out. This will help him/her understand how the letters fit together

Play Scrabble – Playing scrabble with your kids will help boost your child’s vocabulary and will also help you understand at what level your kid is at. This game will also give you insight into your child’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to language

Books- books can be used in many ways to develop language skills

Listening – Show your kids some interactive videos and shows to pique their interests. As they watch more shows, they get to listen to more words from that language which in turn will help them to grasp that word, understand how that word sounds and also to frame sentences using that word

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