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Holi is here and what that means for you and your family is a long weekend of fun, colours, festivities and bhaang. Even as your little one runs around painting the town red, blue and yellow-be sure that they stay safe and take care of their skin and hair.
Here’s a list of things to keep in mind for an easy, stressless and colourful Holi:

1. Don’t ignore your child’s nails

It’s highly likely that you may have forgotten this part of the body when it comes to Holi skincare. Once the Holi colour settles in your kid’s nails, it’s next to impossible to get rid of it. Best option? Make sure your children’s nails are cut.

2. Hair-care
If your child is all set to play Holi and they can’t keep their excitement together at the thought of drenching friends in coloured water, painting cheeks in all hues of rainbow. Amidst all the colours and chemicals, the hair is quite prone to getting damaged, dry and frizzy. Oiling is the best way to prevent your child’s hair from damage.

3. Skin care
On the day of Holi, make sure you apply almond oil all over your child’s body. Especially, on the parts that are most exposed. Oiling the skin will prevent colours from sticking to the body, and makes it easier to rinse off the colours.

4. Post-play care
Now that the festivities are done, and the colors are etched on your child’s face, how do you take care of your little one? Don’t use chemical-based soaps to rinse off the colours from your child’s skin. You may end up damaging the skin more. Rinse it off with herbal and natural soaps. You can use olive oil to remove the colours.

Now that that’s settled, here’s wishing you and your family a happy and safe Holi 2018.

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