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Many students today feel extremely pressured during exams to get good marks. But good exam results are not the only measure for being a successful student. Besides, the most important thing for a family is your child’s physical and mental health. The exam season can bring on levels of stress and burnout that can hinder your child’s well-being.

So here are a few parenting tips on how you can help your kid deal with exam stress:

  • Keep it real –

Always ensure your child understands that although performing well in exams is crucial, the numbers do NOT define their worth and value in the world. You need to ensure a safe environment for your child to share his/her feelings during exams.

  • Organize –

Help your child develop a daily routine: Create a timetable with your child and ensure your child gets enough time to relax every day. This revision plan will help your child work towards set goals daily, so he/she will not feel overwhelmed a few days before an exam.

  • Family support –

Discuss with your kids about what they are expecting to achieve. Parents with steep or unrealistic expectations will just add unnecessary pressure. It’s helpful to let your kids know what you think he/she is capable of achieving and also guide them at every step. This way you assure them of your confidence in them, ensuring you don’t put undue pressure on them.

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