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For years, it has been a misconception that comic books cannot help children in improving their reading skills. Since comics are mostly pictures and graphics, the general perception is that it doesn’t equate to reading. However, recent studies show that there are benefits in reading comic books and graphic novels.

Comic books are simplified versions of narratives, which means that this could provide solutions to a child’s reluctance in reading books. Here are the benefits of reading comics:

1. Improves inferencing skills
Inferencing is to read between the lines of a given text. It helps in improving comprehension. Comic books help children understand a concept better because contexts can be visualized. A wall of words doesn’t provide the same kind of luxury as that of a comic book.

2. Increased vocabulary
One reason why comic books are good for learning is because, it increases vocabulary. Pictures help support the meaning of a certain word in comics which helps the child to understand the meaning of the word quickly.

3. Widens imagination
Pictures are useful in telling stories, but what is not seen in the picture is what develops a child’s imagination. Also, most graphic artists today grew up reading comic books. We won’t know if your child has an interest in comic book art or drawing if you don’t introduce them to comics.

4. Gains interest in reading
Comic books have the same elements as other narratives—characters, plot with conflict and resolution, setting, symbolism, theme, point of view, and others.

5. Values
Comic books are easily taken as unhelpful for kids because of the fanciness and the colours. What most people don’t see is that, comic books also convey positive messages such as, helping others, doing one’s best, working as a team, and persevering.

Here are a few comics your children will enjoy:

1. The Tintin Series

2. Asterix and Obelix series

3. The world of DC and Marvel comics

4. Tinkle

5. Amar Chitra Katha series

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