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Cell phones are a great way to stay in touch anytime, anywhere. But is your child old enough to have one? It’s a tough call for many parents because it’s not just about age. Many parents grapple with this question “Is my child ready for a cell-phone?”

Here are few things to keep in mind:

How independent are your kids?
Do your children “need” to be in touch for safety reasons — or social ones?

How responsible are they?
Can they get behind the concept of limits for minutes talked and apps downloaded?

Can they be trusted not to text during class?
It shouldn’t distract them from their responsibilities.


You can’t beat the convenience. If your child has a cell phone, you can call or text him to find out where he is and what he’s doing and inform him of your own plans. It can make parents feel safer just knowing where their kids are. And in an emergency, a cell phone can be crucial if their child needs to reach parents.


If you decide to get them a cell-phone, then establish the ground rules for cell-phone use.

1. No cell-phones during bedtime

2. No texting and driving or in class or study time

3. Social media use

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