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Kids are born creative and are abound with energy and curiosity.

There are several fun games to boost your child’s creativity and intelligence. As a parent, it is absolutely essential to nurture the child’s natural creativity cycle to ensure stimulation of the mind and to let them explore the world around.

Here are a few ways you can boost your child’s creativity and imagination.

Allow your child to engage in dramatic play, it actually contributes to the level of creativity that they have. Every child enjoys dressing up as someone else, and pretending that they are the character that they are dressed as. To get them more involved, you can ask them to enact characters from their favorite book.

Creative writing
To boost their imagination, you can give them writing assignments and essays like “What would you do if you were the richest man on earth” or “A day in the life of a dog”. Such interesting topics will encourage your child to question what they know and motivate them to think beyond it.

Play detective
Every child is naturally curious. One of the ways that you can enhance their creativity and intelligence is to allow them to pretend that they are detectives. You may teach subjects such as Science using this method. Allow them to go outdoors, find different types of trees or flowers, for example. Once they have a list of what they find interesting, they can read online and discover what type the flower or tree it is and its properties.

Story completion
You can read a story to your child and stop mid-way and ask them to complete the story. Changing the ending of their favorite stories will boost their imagination as they think of all the possibilities of the characters plots.

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