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Why are temper tantrums so difficult for parents to handle? Any parent will already know the answer to this question. So here’s a list of things a parent can do while dealing with their little one’s tantrums:

Stay calm when tantrums happen: 

Screaming at a child who is having a temper tantrum only makes the tantrum worse. Set a positive example for children by controlling your own emotions.

Pause before you act:

Take a few deep breaths, and take at least 30 seconds to decide how you will handle the tantrum.

Try distracting the child:

Focus the child’s attention on something else. Remove the child from an unsafe situation such as climbing on the tables and offer him something else to play with.

Remove the child from the situation:

Take the child to a quiet, private place away from other children to calm down. Avoid trying to reason with a screaming child. It doesn’t work. Stay nearby until the child has calmed down. Then you can talk about the problem, or return to other activities.

Ignore the tantrum:

Children sometimes throw tantrums to get attention. If you ignore the tantrum and go about your business, as usual, the child will eventually give up. Remember that it’s only safe to ignore tantrums if the child is in a secure space with no chance for them to get hurt.

Comfort and reassure the child:

Tantrums really are a cry for attention from most children. Some children don’t even know why they are so angry half of the time. And, as a parent, you need to make sure your little one knows that you disapprove of this kind of behaviour but at the same time, also show that you still care for them.

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