Social skills
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For teen, friends turn out to be a personal support group that give them a sense of security and also boosts their confidence. Do you know as a parent you can help your teen shed his inhibitions and make friends?

Here are a few parenting tips on how you can help your teen out:

Encourage your kid to engage in activities
If your teen spends a lot of time at home and doesn’t participate in extra-curricular activities, he/she is may face trouble making friends.The best way to help your teen make friends is to encourage them to pursue a hobby. Ask your child to enroll in art workshops or language classes, or cricket coaching, anything to keep them engaged.

Boost your teen’s confidence
Many teens tend to be conscious and need a self-esteem boost regularly. Whenever your teen performs well in anything, make sure you praise them for their efforts.

Boost your teen’s conversational skills

Some teens are very shy and tend to take their time in making friends. As a parent, you can help your child come out of his/her shell by making them practice introducing themselves.

Help your teen understand that conflict is a natural in all relationships.
Even the best of friends are going to have fights, but not every argument means the end of a friendship. Help them work on fighting fair and knowing when to take a break from an argument to cool off.

Download the Mai app to improve your child’s skill in maintaining conversations and also assess your child’s skill in making friends.

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