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Being adept at using the Internet is in an important life skill that we all have to master to be successful, productive members of society. Though we should be embracing it, the question that pops here – is to what extent? Also, we should be teaching our kids how to do it.

Remember that tweens and teens with cell phones are still children and there are chances for them to get addicted to the same. If you decide to allow your child to have his/her own cell phone, whether, in middle school or high school, you must also take precautionary measures to ensure they don’t get addicted to the same.

1. Specify phone usage hours – 

Determine the time your teen can start using his or her cell phone and when the cell phone must be shut off for the night. Discuss the same jointly with your teen. Studies show that kids actually like having these times set by parents because it also gives them a socially acceptable “out” from having to be tethered to their phones for their friends 24/7.

2. Communicate with your child often and openly –

In a recent study, 26% of teens report being harassed or bullied via text messages or phone calls. This makes it critical for teens to feel that they can trust their parents enough to communicate if they are the victim of bullying or harassment via cell phones.

3. Know what the rules are at school –

Each school has its own rules regarding cell phone usage on the premises. Some schools forbid student cell phones on school grounds. Talk with your child’s principal and teachers to make sure that you and your child know what the rules are for your child at school.

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