Social skills
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In this day and age where diversity is something a child sees every day, unity is a concept that is vital to your child’s development. Your family might be very different from your child’s friends’ families. They might come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, different upbringing and different types of families, and there has never been a more pressing need to incorporate the concept of “togetherness” in children. Teaching your child to seeing the difference and working together is critical to their development into strong individuals.

We conducted a study that looked at Primary schoolchildren’s (aged 6-10 years) behavior; we found that 52% of the parents said that their children understood the concept of unity and co-operation. The ability to perceive the significance of playing together with different children in a social situation will ensure a solid foundation to developing strong leadership skills in an individual. This trait also encourages your child to work on his/her weaknesses and saying “no” to things that do not work for them, e.g. candies after dinner.

Children who understand this important concept:

  • They usually work well in team activities
  • They are more empathetic and show leadership qualities
  • Children who grasp this concept understand that people outside the family (teachers, friends, shopkeeper, doctor, and neighbor) might look different, but realize that they need each other’s help.
  • The concept of community working together is easily grasped by such children

Children who don’t get this concept might face difficulties working in teams and may turn reticent and shy while working in diverse groups.

  • They might not be open to learning new skills from people who they don’t’ identify with.
  • Your child might not work with children with different colored eyes, skin color, even different types of clothes, harming his/her leadership qualities.

How do you help your kid

Here’s a parenting tip – Give your child different scenarios and ask him/her to come up with ways to help someone in a possible situation. The situations can be related to a family member or a friend in need of help. This will encourage your child to take the first step of helping of someone, which is crucial to his/her development in a happy individual.

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