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No one wants their child to be the smelly kid in class or the one with lice. But convincing your kid about the importance of brushing his/her teeth and washing his/her body can be tricky. Why? Because, to a kid, hygiene can seem like a hassle or just a burden. “Lather? Rinse? Repeat? Brush? What’s the point?” – this is what may be going on in your little one’s head.

Here are a few parenting tips on how to get your kids to follow hygienic habits:

Back to basics –

Hand washing is one of the most important hygiene practices you can teach your kids. The basics include washing several times daily, especially after using the bathroom, using soap and water to rinse your hands and brushing teeth in the morning as well as in the night. These are some of the basic things that your child needs to learn.

Lead by example –

Let your child observe your daily routine. Invite him/her into the bathroom while you brush your teeth, comb your hair, and wash your face at night. Tell him/her that he/she needs to wash his/her hands before every meal. If they see you taking care to wash and brush, he/she is more likely to follow you.

Explain the importance of hygiene –

Kids can grasp the idea of infection, like cold, cough, fever etc. even though may not be aware of the same in detail. When they become aware of the fact that infections make them uncomfortable and the precaution is to wash hands regularly, then they are more likely to take care of themselves.

Use visual aids –

Once a week, you can ask your child to draw himself/herself doing his/her daily routine habits like brushing, washing hands, taking a bath etc. to reinforce these healthy habits. A family chart on the routines will also serve him/her as a reminder and a norm that the entire family follows.

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