Health & Safety
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Tattoos, piercings other than in the ears and coloring your hair have become a mainstream trend, but adolescents do not always think about the long term ramifications. Skin is not done growing until adulthood, so tattoos can stretch, fade or even become lopsided over time. They are hard to modify and even harder to remove.

Your teen might be naturally inclined towards these trends, because of peer-pressure, media, movies, etc. But how do you talk to your teen about it, without having a full-blown argument about it?

  1. Address the topic in a non-confrontational way. The best approach is to be non-confrontational while laying out the facts so that they can make an informed decision.
  2. Emphasize the permanence of the decision. Parents will want to ensure their teens recognize the permanence of the decision, and may advise them to wait until they are older. Ensure they understand how they will be perceived while “accessorizing” their bodies a particular way.
  3. Figure out the “Why”. Ensure your teen wants to make a decision regarding their body, because they feel it complements their personality, and not because they are succumbing peer pressure, or for someone in their lives. Figuring out the reason will help you also understand your teen.
  4. Focus on health and hygiene. Have a checklist of safety tips. Ensure you have the talk regarding safety and hygiene: The skin must be cleaned and properly prepared, and the needles and ink must be clean. Infections are a risk for both tattoos and piercings.


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