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Telling your kids about your pending divorce may be the most difficult conversation you’ll ever have. Even if the announcement isn’t a huge surprise, it’s only natural for children to want their parents and their family to stay together.

Children first. You and your soon-to-be-ex should sit down with your children together and explain the situation. Even if the divorce isn’t a joint decision, it’s best to ensure your child knows that he/she will always be your priority.

Don’t take control. Ask what you can do to help rather than trying to take over and organize them as you think is best. Help to ensure your child’s daily activities and schoolwork is not affected by the divorce.

Put your own grief aside at first. It will take time for your children to process how they feel. You should expect to have many more conversations with them as the separation and divorce proceed. You need to answer all the doubts your kid might have to ensure they feel emotionally secure.

Be open to emotional outbursts from your child. Your child might face many doubts and questions regarding how the divorce might affect their lives. “Will they still have a birthday party?” “Who will I be staying with?” such questions will play in your child’s mind constantly and unless you ensure that they feel secure enough, be ready for emotional outbursts from your kids.

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