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The two words “kids” and “table manners” are worlds apart. You might have a kid that makes a mess or a picky eater, or takes a long time to eat. Parents face many issues when it comes to teaching their little ones about table manners.

Here are few tips on how to teach your little one about table manners:

Practice: Chart out the steps your kid needs to complete before sitting down for dinner- this could include washing hands, sitting up straight at the table, using “please” and “thank you”. You can also get your child used to using utensils like fork and spoon.
As your little one grows older, they need to become more independent as they need o eat lunch at school with their peers.
Here are a few tit-bits that will help them during lunch time:

-To put his napkin in his lap and use it to wipe his mouth

-To take small bites and chew with his mouth closed

-Not to slurp

The best way to teach your kindergarten kid about these things is to show them how it’s done. Also remember that your kid is always watching you so you need to make sure that you follow these rules as well.

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