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As a parent, you might have noticed that your child might be a visual learner, an auditory learner or a kinesthetic learner, or combines all different methods; but your child might prefer a particular learning method because he/she can grasp concepts easily using that particular method. Choosing a particular learning method allows your child to thrive. If you know your child’s preferred learning style, then you’ll have a stronger grasp of how to help him/her study. Knowing your child’s learning style can also help you advocate your child’s needs in school so that he/she succeeds academically.

According to a study that we conducted across various schools, it was found that 60% of the children aged 10-13 years choose their own method of learning while doing any task, whereas the remaining 40% of the children were unable to identify a suitable learning method for themselves.

When your child is sure of a learning method that works, this will boost his/her confidence to study even the difficult of subjects and also helps him/her to gain exam confidence as well.

When your child is able to choose a particular learning method for a task:

  • You can bid goodbye to your child’s usual excuse “I can’t do it/ I don’t understand the teacher
  • He/she will perform better academically and be more confident during exams
  • He/she will find a method to learn even the difficult of subjects with ease
  • He/she will also know how much time it will take to study, which will help him/her with goal-setting

When your child doesn’t know or chose a particular learning method:

  • He/she might face trouble learning different subjects
  • He/she might take a lot of time to study and may face problems while chalking out a study plan

How can you help your child?

Here’s a parenting tip – Ask questions to help your child draw conclusions on the best learning methods based on his/her past experience. In this discussion, encourage your child to analyse what has worked for him/her in the past, e.g., the best study method that helped him/her to learn a tough concept with ease.

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