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As your children grow and learn, it becomes obvious that every child has their own way of learning and interacting with the world around them. One child may spend hours reading a book, while another spends the entire day outside. One child begs to go to art class, while another can’t stop pulling objects apart to discover how things work. What every single one of them have in common is the fact that they are curious children: they might relate to the world differently, but they are similar in their need to learning the world around them; e.g., Your child might learn Art differently to how he/she learns Math.

According to a study that we conducted across various schools, we found that 67% of parents said children aged (10-13 years) use different learning methods to learn concepts. When your child illustrates different methods of learning in front of his/her teacher or you, you can receive guidance on improving the apt teaching method or find other more effective ones that will supplement your child’s learning.

When you know your child shows that they can use different learning concepts to learn various things:

  • They perform better academically, as they adapt use the method best for a particular subject. E.g., Your child might learn history by memorizing, while Math might be learnt visually.
  • They are more confident during exams or tests, as they sure about what they have learnt

When your child doesn’t use different learning methods:

  • A subject that is particularly tough for your child might get easier when your child relates to it, using a method that complements his/her learning.
  • Not knowing which method to use might dissuade your child from learning a particular subject.

How to help your child find the best learning method for a particular subject?

Sometimes it so happens that a child adapts an autopilot form of learning to study different concepts. Your child may not be aware of other more effective forms of learning. You can sit down with him/her and ask simple questions, to see to look for better methods learning that your child is comfortable with.

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