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Does your child tend to forget lines or get sick in the middle of his/her performance in school? If yes, then your child definitely has stage fright which is a common issue faced by many children. Stage fright is similar to a phobia where a child is scared of performing on stage in front of others. With proper guidance, help and support, you can help your children to overcome stage fright.

This article helps parents to learn more about stage fright in children and how to overcome the same. Here are 5 ways you can help your child cope with the stage fright:

Practice Well – 

Whether it is an act in a play, a speech, a song or a dance, encourage your kids to get ample practice. Rehearsing a number of times will make them thorough and build their confidence, thereby making them feel relaxed and prepared.

Watch Oneself Perform –

Inspire your kids to stand in front of the mirror and watch themselves as they perform a speech, an act or a dance. Looking at their own facial expressions, body language and the way their arms and legs move will put them at ease about how they will look while performing in front of others.

Be Slow and Relaxed –

Prepare your child to be relaxed and deliver his/ her lines slowly. Slowing down and taking it easy, while on stage, will ensure they stumble less.

Feel Confident and Show it –

Talk to your child before he/she enters the stage and tell him/ her how good he/ she is at this. This will boost your child’s self-confidence.

Controlling and Monitoring one’s Breathing –

Help your child with breathing exercises just before his/her performance. This will ensure that he/she doesn’t stutter on stage.

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