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Generation Z as they are popularly called are fearless because they belong to the smartphone era. They have never known of a time without Wi-fi and social media and they can’t imagine their lives without either.

They use social media to their advantage and a way to connect and voice out opinions. Gone are the days when private lives were private. It’s a generation that proudly broadcasts their lives online.

The internet is full of stories of how social media is an evil and only has negatives listed, but it’s not completely true. Here are a few pros that will enrich the life of  a teenager.

Teens are More Informed About Current Events:

Although they are glued to their screens most of the time, social media can make teens more informed. Scrolling through their feeds is all it takes to know what is happening around them. Teens can form their own opinions early in life as they hear both sides of any story.

It Can Improve Social Skills:

All though this means teens don’t interact face-to-face in the real world, they can develop their social skills on platforms. They keep in touch with old friends and connect with different like-minded people.

It Enhances Creativity:
In the constant need to outdo everyone, creativity levels of a teen will increase. Platforms like reddit, tumblr and Facebook make it easy to read other people’s thoughts and learn new insights.

Being Social Increases Self-confidence:
Social media makes a teen feel good. Although teens get obsessed with the number of likes, comments and shares, they draw good vibes and feel nice about themselves when they get approval online, in turn increasing their self-confidence.


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