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Does every night turn into a continuous argument between your kid and you: “Please can I sleep in your bed… just this one night” “No you cannot” …, But you eventually give in and this has turned into a routine. Many kids struggle with the idea of sleeping alone.

Explain to your child about the change. You want him to understand your reasoning, so he will not feel abandoned and will be more co-operative.

Go through your normal evening routine. A routine is crucial for children because they associate going to sleep with activities, such as reading books. So it’s important that you stick to a daily night routine.

Move to a chair. If you usually sit on the bed or lie down next to your child, sit next to the bed on a chair. If your kid makes a fuss about you need to re-assure them that you will be there for them through the night.

Move farther away from the bed. Each night, slowly move the chair farther away from your child’s bed. Occasionally, start taking breaks, (By telling them you need to use the computer/or need to use the bathroom) so your child starts to get used to short absences. After some time, place your chair outside the door. This way your child grows into emotionally dealing with sleeping alone.

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