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It’s not exactly easy raising a middle schooler and especially a schooling one! The task of helping your middle schooler study on their own doesn’t have to be a daunting one. In fact, we have a few great tips on how to make life easier for you and your child:

Create a ‘study space’ –

Sometimes having the right environment to study makes a huge difference in productivity. Create a quiet, well-lit, low traffic space for your child to study in, at home, and keep it a ‘communication-free’ zone by not allowing social media or cell phone use, until the school work is done.

Change the ‘We’ to ‘You’ –

Most parents tend to assume the complete responsibility for the child’s school work, and end up saying “We have a science test or we have a project due”. This takes away the responsibility from your child. Start phrasing it differently by saying “You have to study for the test”, so that they feel more responsible for their education.

Communicate –

Instead of deciding what works for them, talk to them and ask them what they feel would help them. Teach them to monitor their own progress by asking them questions about how they feel they have done and what they think can be done to improve their results.

Also, communicate with their teachers and get regular feedback on where they need to improve. Help your child de-stress by making sure that you are available if they need help, but let them assume the larger portion of the responsibility when it comes to their study habits.

Download the Mai app to improve your child’s skill in learning, also assess your child’s skill in meta-cognition.

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