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Do you know who you are? The answer to that varies from person to person, at which stage you are in, your past and yet this deeply philosophical question is one that stops many parents in their tracks. The general “You don’t even know who I am” statement is heard at least twice or thrice a week by parents of most teenagers. Most teens are in a hurry to grow up, but this journey is incomplete when they have to deal with the daily chaos and confusion of what they like and what they are told to like. When and How can your teen learn to value him/herself?

According to a study that we conducted across various schools, we found that 62% of the parents said that their children know themselves by defining who they are. The teen years are when your child is at the cusp of forming a personal identity: the way he/she relates to the world is defined in these years. This is why it’s crucial to your child’s development that they understand themselves. This growth will also help your child adjust to the changes and challenges inherent in life.

When your children know who they are:

  • They understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and focus on aspects that need improvement.
  • When your children know themselves, they know their triggers, so this is an effective means to control their anger.
  • A teenager who is self-aware is able to perform better academically, as he/she is better equipped to ascertain what works for him/her and what doesn’t and work on it.

When your children don’t know themselves:

  • They are likely to struggle with peer pressure, as they might get easily swayed by what’s “popular”.
  • Knowing yourself helps one be comfortable in their own skin; children who are unsure of themselves might struggle with body image issues.

How to teach your child to value themselves?

Here’s a parenting tip- Encourage your child to share his/her strengths and achievements. The very act of sharing their areas of expertise empowers your child to realize and realize their merits, boosting their self-confidence.

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