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According to a survey conducted, more than 87% of children travel to school by their school bus. As this mode of transportation is the most prominent and widely used, many schools have been encouraging parents to focus on school bus safety tips to parents and kids.

By discussing school bus safety rules with children, parents can help avert some of the avoidable accidents. It is essential to teach kids about various safety rules and regulations.

Here are a few tips on school bus safety:

  1. Walk with your child to the bus stop. Wait with them until the bus arrives. Walk with your children until you feel they are confident and respond well in emergency situations.
  2. Have the “Stranger Danger” talk with your kids. Make sure your children know that they should never speak to strangers at the bus stop and should never enter the car of a stranger.
  3. Review all of the rules of the school and ensure your school has run a background check on the bus driver.
  4. Ensure your kid follows safety rules like staying in a safe place away from the street while waiting for the bus.
  5. To avoid injuries, drive home the point that your kid needs to hold on to the railing while getting on and getting off the school bus.

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