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Revision period is, arguably, the most difficult part of any exam process and in a student life. A revision timetable will help your child to focus and to make the most of the time available before the exams.

Here are a few parenting tips on how you can help your child create the best revision plans before an exam:

Plan –

It ought to go without saying that planning your child’s revision timetable must be done before anything else, to ensure there is enough time to cover of all subjects.

Categorize subjects –

The best revision plans have an element of strategy- you can ensure this by ordering the subjects in an effective manner.

For example, scheduling English revision to appear early in your revision plan may be useful when revising essay-based subjects such as History, Civics and Geography.

Similarly, choosing Maths to be one of the first subjects that your child can revise will be useful when studying Physics. This way all subjects are covered and categorized, so your child finds it easier to grasp similar concepts.

Study breaks –

Schedule study breaks. Instead of only scheduling study time, you need to ensure that your kid plans and schedules his/her breaks frequently during revision time. This will help him/her feel refreshed and avoid burn-outs.

Download the Mai app to improve your child’s skill in planning and also assess your child’s skill in metacognition.

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