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How parents read to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can have a huge impact on how much they love reading and how readily they learn to read on their own one day. Children of any age can appreciate a good story, so it’s i important that you pique heir interest in reading at a young age.

Make reading enjoyable

There are a variety of books on the market that are tailored to different age ranges. Choose pop-up books or other creatively published texts and if you are reading to your children you can vary your tone of voice to maintain their interest.  Setting up a reading tent or mini-library in your child’s bedroom may also encourage them to read more frequently.

Use interactive books

Interactive books may have sound buttons and pull-out facts that will serve to bring stories to life.  Children can also hear a story being read out as they follow the words on the page.

Expose them to books from a variety of genres

Reading doesn’t have to be limited to traditional stories.  Children may also enjoy reading non-fiction books, including encyclopaedias, as well as newspapers targeted at children.  Comic books may also stimulate their interest in reading.

Read each night

Reading books together as part of a child’s night-time routine will ensure that children associate reading with relaxation.  Children can also point out any words they are familiar with and read them out, as this will enhance their language development.

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