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Have you ever been in this situation: your 8-year-old won’t follow you at the mall, always curious about everything and always trying to wander off even though you have told him/her umpteen times that he/she needs to hold your hand and cannot go anywhere he/she wants, alone. Most parents have been in this position once or many times.

So, does your child know how important it is to follow instructions?

To analyse the behavioural pattern of children of age group 6 to 10 years, we conducted a study in the popular schools of Bangalore, in June 2017. The comprehensive study aimed at analysing the behaviour of 8-year-olds. The overall progressive aspects of children were analysed and results showed that only 80% of the 3rd graders were aware of the importance of following instructions, whereas 20% of children were ignorant about the same.

Why is it crucial for your kid to follow instruction?

“Let my child be the leader and not follow”, is what you may think at times, but ideally the reality is “Leaders should be followers”.

  • When a child knows it is important to follow others, he/she might also understand the need to follow a set of instructions
  • Following others always paves the way to follow any given set of instructions. Trial and error methods do not work always
  • Understanding the need to follow others can help ensure safety
  • A child needs to follow others when on the road, where series of things are above the understanding of children

However, it’s a good idea to stress the importance of following instructions at home and make them understand the same, e.g., like looking through the lens before opening the door or while crossing the roads?

How to make my child grasp the need to follow instructions?

To help your child follow instructions, we suggest the following activity –

“What Happens If”.  This activity helps children to understand instructions, to make it easy for them to follow the same. Simply throw examples of scenarios and get answers from them. In this way, their minds would be triggered to work on the need to understand and follow others.

This activity is a good way to pass time with your kids while inculcating the need to follow others and their instructions. They also understand why this is important and how this can keep them safe from threats.

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