Social skills
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A loving relationship with parents is the most important part of a child’s development. Responding to them with gentleness lays the foundation for their development and helps to shape the adult your child will become.

Time does fly. As soon as your child turns another year older, with many social milestones yet to be accomplished, you, as a parent may witness the developmental changes going on and feel that understanding what’s happening in their little minds is the key to successful parenting.

Parents of primary school children sometimes may also have questions and doubts regarding their child’s new ability to process information and communicate his/her own opinions.

A study conducted in several leading public schools of Bangalore showed that 57% of the children aged 6-10 years failed to understand/ follow what elders tell them to do or fail to understand the significance of relationships.

What if this skill is not mastered?

As per the statistics, 57 % of children who fails to listen to elders may

  • Develop a ‘corner themselves’ up tendency
  • Have low esteem
  • Find it difficult to trust family and friends
  • Develop depression or anxiety


Children begin to understand the world based on the education they receive at home. Their relationships shape the way they see the world and affect all the areas of their development. A child’s perception of protecting a relationship may:

  • Make them develop an open mindset towards taking advice from elders
  • Give them a guidance to explore, think, communicate, react, and socialize with people
  • Enable them to consider/acknowledge the advice given by experienced people and act accordingly

By understanding that there will be ramifications to a relationship if it is not conserved properly, children may pay attention and listen to elders.

Relationships give an outlet and let children express even their deepest emotions, be it a cry, a laugh etc. and also get something back – an embrace, a smile, a praise or an answer etc.

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