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Imagine if you couldn’t get back till 10 PM from work, and the nanny has to leave. How would your child react? Would your child panic or stay calm and remember the set of given instructions.

In young children, recalling instructions improves the competence of the brain, also enabling them to develop multiple skills. Psychologists also share the opinion that recalling instructions can help children to excel academically.

In June 2017, we conducted a study among the 6 to 10-years-olds across various schools in Bangalore. The study was conducted to observe the importance of recalling instructions and its impact (positive or negative) on academics.

The results showed that only 80% of the children could recall instructions given to them, whereas the remaining 20% of children couldn’t recall the given instructions.

Why should my kid remember instructions?

  • Recalling instructions helps him/her to follow them
  • Imagine how good it would be when your kid always remembered to look left and right before crossing the road
  • It helps the child to stay organised, and develop a willingness to accept new ideas faster. Wouldn’t it be nice, if you don’t have to clean your daughter’s bookshelf every now and then if she keeps the books well organized?

The negative effects of not being able to recall instructions:

  • The child does not adapt well in various environments if they are not good at recalling and following instructions
  • Not recalling instructions can be an obstacle to achieving the desired output, as this would hamper focus and concentration, the much-required skills
  • Academic performance is affected as it is important for any child to recall instructions in order to learn new ideas and skill sets
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