Social skills
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Often, difficult and complicated behavior in kids is a result of them not understanding what is expected out of them. They need to learn manners and other social skills and hence it becomes very crucial on the part of their parents to manage their temperament and behavior from time to time.

Significance of building relationships:-

Ingraining good habits, manners and behavior in your kids is very important; however it requires considerable time and effort from the parents. Largely it will:-

  • Give them surety of being safe, cared and loved
  • Assure them that they will always be heard
  • Make them accept a ‘NO’ or rejection
  • Build in honesty, trust and happiness in them
  • Develop their networking skills

IMAGINE THIS: A 7-year-old who never likes to do any assigned work, even for example setting up a table for meal time, but as soon as the child’s mother starts doing it, the child will jump in to give her a hand. Likewise, there are several such acts where a child will love to do her bit, but yes more happily, when her mother is also in!

Kids do make an effort to build and strengthen the relationships, which, in turn, develops their self-managing skills and even intricate social skills.

The revelation

In a survey that we conducted, we found that 43% of the primary schoolchildren (aged 6-10 years) made an attempt to develop networking skills through actions/gestures while doing any task and rest 57 % kids of same age group failed to achieve this skill.

What if my child is unable to master it?

You aim to make lives of your children stable, safe and secure and you hope that they remain solid and rock hard in a world of turbulence, flux and unpredictability. The effects of not being able to develop networking skill may –

  • Make them feel left out often
  • drag them to depression/ anxiety
  • ingrain bad habits
  • bring lack of trust in own family, and many such related issues


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