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Our culture often places more emphasis on individual effort than on teamwork. One of the best reasons for getting your kids into sports is to teach them at an early age how to be team players. While you may be proud of your kids for just committing to a sport, you can help them understand that there’s more to team activities than just sticking with it.

Encourage your child to thrive in a group environment by sharing these tips.

Take responsibility

It can be difficult for kids to take ownership of their mistakes. When something goes wrong, it’s often easier to point a finger at someone else than to own the mistake yourself. However, a key component of being a team player is taking responsibility for your own missteps.

Promote team unity

Your child may be ahead of their teammates in their understanding of good sportsmanship and teamwork, so praise your kid if he/she shows good sportsmanship.

Enjoy the game

When details of who did what during the game become too central, it’s easy to lose sight of the fun of playing. Try to help your child keep a balanced perspective about their participation.

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