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No one understands your child better than you and no one knows your kid’s academic development better than their teacher. Here’s how you get the best out of parent-teacher meetings:

You need to ask the right questions to you children’s teachers to figure out where your child stands and how you can help improve and support your child.

  1. Which subjects and what activities most engage your child in her learning process?
  2. What teaching methods have resulted in your child making progress?
  3. What can you do at home to help boost your child’s skills?
  4. Does your child make friends easily?
  5. What are the challenges that your child is facing in the classroom?
  6. Is your child performing on grade level?
  7. Does your child need extra help in any subjects?

A 10-minute parent-teacher meeting isn’t enough to keep you abreast of what’s happening at school, particularly if there are concerns about your child, so ask the teacher how you can keep each other informed.

Parents are responsible for the overall well-being, development and education of the child.  Schools help support the education of the child.

For the teacher to best support your role as parents, the teacher should be aware of challenges and efforts being made at home. Parents should also provide feedback to the teacher about how the teacher is doing- what actions were effective and what actions were perceived to be ineffective.

Building the relationship between the teacher and parents will only help your child.

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