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When kids begin to explore their talents and specialities, one of the areas some may excel in is painting. If you are the parent of a tiny tot, then chances are that your walls are strewn with the artwork of your kids. Scribbles of different colours, crayons and paintings might be showcased on every inch of your wall. Painting and drawing are activities that every kid takes up.

Even though painting may not be every child’s cup of tea, it sure does have benefits that both you and your child can learn from together.

The benefits of Arts and Crafts are aplenty in the developmental stages of your kid’s life. Here are a few benefits:

  • Improves coordination –

As colouring and drawing require your child to use both of their hands together, your child is required to use motor coordination. These skills similarly translate to other areas of their lives like eating.

  • Teaches them patience –

Art requires your child to wait for the paint to dry! This is a great way to teach your child self-control and patience. Also, when things do not go exactly as hoped, kids learn to control their reactions.

  • Self-esteem –

Completing the artwork successfully will give your kid a great sense of accomplishment and pride. Also, you can notice the flash of pride when you showcase your kid’s art on the fridge.

  • Creativity –

Art allows your kids to boost their creativity. The colours and mixing of colours allow them to learn certain concepts as well. More importantly, art allows your kids to translate how they feel about things- e.g.- you can ask your child to draw your family to understand what they understand of it.

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