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Imagine this: you sit down to help your child learn colours using multi-colour building blocks. Hours pass on, yet you are at the same point where you started. Then, you begin to introspect as to what you could do differently to help your pre-schooler and notice that there is too much clutter around.

Try this: As soon as you arrange all the blocks of similar colours in a single file, see if your child is able to tell blue from white etc.

The moral of the story is, if you teach children to be organised they will be focused and goal oriented, helping them to finish tasks on time. The earlier it is taught, the better it is for them.

Recently, we conducted a study across different schools in Bangalore and concluded that 67% of the children between the ages of 6 to 10 exhibited good organization skills, while 33% of the kids did not understand the concept of organized behaviour.

Why should your child be organized?

  • Teaching good organizational skill to your children is a key ingredient for success in school and later in life
  • Being organized requires a child to focus on the task at hand and gather everything that is essential to complete that task
  • Once a child learns to accomplish these skills, it adds to his/ her confidence level and enhances his/her skill set to a great extent

Thus, the key to help your kids understand the concept of being organized lies in driving the concept of logical sequencing/organising from home itself. It is important to make kids understand the sequence in which things work to help them connect the dots, thereby directing them towards organized behaviour.

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