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What happens when a teenager’s plugged in with his/her headphones? Today’s kids aren’t listening to the bands you liked at their age — you already know that. Gone are the days of Johnny cash, Backstreet Boys, Westside! It’s the era of Justin Bieber, K-pop, etc. Along with their mood swings, you also have to deal with their choice in music, which you don’t get!

Previous generations had to rely on radio jockeys to get their music fix, or buy physical CDs or cassettes to build their music collection, but with smartphones, today’s teens have access to billions of songs in their pockets.

Young people tend to use music as a way of defining and sharing their sense of self, identity, or “personal brand.”

So why is music important to teens?

Why do they choose a particular genre to listen to? Often, your teen listens to the songs his/her friends are listening to. Music is a way your teen bonds with their peers. Psychologists also suggest that teens choose a genre that is extremely different from their parents’ as a form of rebellion and a way to form their own identity.

The power of Lyrics

Music is a powerful influence on teens. That’s not all – references to self-harm and sex in songs can also have a negative impact on young, impressionable children. Inappropriate lyrics can affect children’s mental state. The words in popular songs often express teens’ own feelings and experiences, and this is a way your teen might calm him/herself.

Why so LOUD?

Young teens are at risk for permanent hearing loss because of the high volumes coming through their personal entertainment devices. No to mention your annoyance when they blare their songs in maximum volume, within the confines of their room. The high volume may be a way your teen is rebelling to get a reaction from you.


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