Social skills
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“Action and adaptability create opportunity.”-Garrison Wynn

Adaptation is the key to survival in any environment. It is a profound process in which you figure out how to late your actions based on the situation and probable outcome. It is defined as the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions; to alter oneself or one’s responses/behaviour to suit the changed circumstances or environment. It requires the skill of leadership. As any true blue Bangalorean would say, “Swalpa adjust maadi.”

In a study conducted in many leading schools, we found that 69% of children (aged 10-13 years) are able to adapt themselves to follow the rules of engagement while doing any given The ability to mould behaviour and thinking to follow certain beneficial directives helps enhance and improve the child’s overall growth. It hones leadership skills and strengthens their communication skills.

What role does it play?

  • It’s the opportunity to excel academically by adapting one’s behaviour to following the rules of engagement.
  • By adapting one’s behaviour to suit the action that needs to be taken, one can create an opportunity for oneself to excel.
  • It’s a skill that needs to be constantly honed, as a deeper understanding of our surroundings helps us frame our reactions appropriately. It enhances leadership qualities.

It is a very valuable skill to have, as the rules for doing one task are different than the rules for doing another one, and one must be able to adjust and adapt to these changes in order to successfully complete the task. Those who can adapt quickly tend to be more successful in any given situation in achieving their goals.

What can you do to help your child adapt?

The ability to modify one’s own self to follow certain directives and adapt to following rules is helpful in sharpening one’s leadership qualities, and improving the quality of academic performance. Below is a fun game that will help you develop that skill in your child.

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