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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Every youngster has the potential to be a leader. Some kids may have inherent leadership qualities; however, it can be groomed and nurtured, irrespective of the level or age of the kid.

Imagine this scenario: Aarav is the only child. He is kind, self-confident, self-aware and a generous 7-year-old. His mother is a working woman. She organizes everything for Aarav and takes cares of all his things so that he never feels any less than kids of stay-at-home mothers. Also, she never misses a chance to teach Aarav about life, be it how to do homework, be a friend to him, cleaning the surroundings together etc. She consistently teaches him leadership skills with every chance she gets.

How can you teach the skill of leadership to your child every day?

Leadership skills are a blend of many characteristics and factors that facilitate children to reorganize and correct their approach and outlook in anything that they have to deal with. Make them understand that pursuing any course of action in a decisive manner to safeguard a relationship and acting accordingly helps them to develop strong leadership skills.

A study conducted in several leading public schools in Bangalore showed that only 47% of the children aged 6-10 years persistently took steps to safeguard and conserve relationships while doing any task, whereas the rest 53% of children were unable to do so.

What if the child does not master this skill?

Just like other developmental skills, building and maintaining relationships too is also equally important. Lacking in it may:

  • Lower their self-esteem in growing years
  • Make them feel lonely even if they are with their family
  • Lower their confidence level
  • Divert them towards bad habits
  • Make them feel unwanted

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