Social skills
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Enter any kindergarten classroom, and you will hear the sounds of laughter, mirth and boisterous arguments, as kids freely interact with one another as their circle of play expands and contracts.

Kindergarten is an exciting time for many children and their parents. But with that excitement comes some challenges. One area of concern for many parents is if their child fosters friendships in the classroom. Every parent wants to be sure their child has a friend in kindergarten, which is why many parents share their children’s nerves when it comes to the first day of kindergarten.

We recently conducted a study that looked at kindergarten children aged 3-6 years across various schools in Bangalore. It was found that 10% of the parents across different schools in Bangalore were of the opinion that their kindergarten children did not know how to make friends.

What happens when your child fails to make any friends?

Your child might:

  • Feel left alone at school
  • Feel socially alienated from teachers and classmates
  • Come across as having poor social skills
  • Not be chosen to play or join games by his/her classmates

Difficulty in making friends can negatively impact your kids:

  • It can hurt their self-esteem
  • Wear down their confidence and keep them from trying new activities
  • They may also feel self-conscious, sad, angry, helpless or hopeless

It can be hard for kindergarten kids to manage these intense feelings, making them less enthusiastic about school.

“Friendships are as basic to a child’s emotional health as good nutrition is to a child’s physical health” The ease with which children form relationships in the early years lays the foundation to their emotional well-being. The ones who can easily make friends are more confident and perform better in academics.

What can you do help your child make more friends?

Here’s a parenting tip – You can ask your child to make a list of people that he/she likes to spend time with and ask him/her to talk to a new person each day.

Download the Mai app to improve your child’s communication skills also assess your child’s skill in responding to people.

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