Social skills
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They might be chatterboxes within the confines of their homes, with the immediate family, but as soon as they step out they become shy, quiet and hardly a peep comes out. Your kid might never stop talking and asking questions at home; there may be days when you probably wished you could wear earplugs, just to get a little peace and quiet; however the case takes a complete 180-degree turn when you talk to their teachers about their behavior in the classroom. You wonder if the teacher is talking about the same kid at all when they tell you that your child is as quiet as mouse. Have you ever been in this situation?

A study that we conducted looked at kindergarten children and their behavior in the classroom; we found that 95% of the parents said that their children (aged 3-6 years) respond verbally to their friends, emphasizing that they say hello and talk with their friends while playing. Talking to other people and especially to friends is an important social skill at this age. The very act of saying “hi” and introducing themselves helps kindergarten children make new friends and improve their existing friendships.

What happens when your child doesn’t express him/herself?

  • Your child might not be enthusiastic about attending school
  • He/she might be sullen and withdrawn to the teachers
  • They might find it difficult making friends at school
  • This might affect your child’s ability to form friendships, complete academic tasks, develop appropriate language and social skills, and participate in group activities

Kids who don’t have trouble expressing themselves will enjoy academic activities and participate actively in school. This social skill is an important one that will boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence.

What can you do to help your child express him/herself?

Here’s a parenting tip that will encourage your child to ask for something that he/she needs. The activity involves your child practicing asking for things from your immediate family members, encouraging your child to come out of his/her shell.

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