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Studies have found that a dominance of one side of the brain or the other has an effect on how a person learns information and skills. It is only natural for parents to worry about their children’s education and wonder if they are learning effectively, even as they wonder whether their child is predominately right or left brained and how this might influence how they learn.

What does it mean if your child is left-brained?
• Prefers verbal instructions i.e. lectures, seminars.
• Is more logical, sequential, rational and analytical.
• Needs total silence to perform an activity.
• Usually does things in a planned orderly way.
Is your child is predominantly left-brained? Do you want to improve a few skills that focus on being right-brained?

You can work on such skills: Creativity, cooperation, empathy, expressing feelings on the Mai app

If your child is right brained, he/she:
• Prefers to be shown how to do something rather than told.
• Is more likely to be good at sports and like group activities.
• Is a bit of a day dreamer.
• Is more subjective, intuitive, random and look at the bigger picture.
If your child is predominantly right-brained, and you want to improve a few skills that focus on the left-brain, You can work on such skills: Processing speed, STM, LTM, semantic memory, metacognition on the Mai app.

Wondering how your child fares on the skills shared in this article? On the Mai app, you can assess these skills, along with getting daily activities which your child can do to improve each of these skills.

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