Social skills
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As a parent you hope to get your child to school on time, but he/she’s spent the last 15 minutes wailing that she/he can’t find a pair of socks. It could be a science project or your child’s homework, more often than not you end up wearily encouraging your child to complete his/her work on time. Schedules are usually given the cold shoulder by your child, who needs to be prodded or needs help to finish his/her work.

According to a study that we conducted across various schools, we found that 57% of the parents of said that their children (aged 6-10 years) complete assigned tasks on their own while doing any task. Additionally, we found that 68% of parents said that their children are persistent in accomplishing their tasks. Being able to accomplish a set of tasks on their own is an excellent way to hone your child’s leadership qualities. Resolutely pursuing a course of action till the task is completed is quality that not only shows that your child is determined to see a task through, but also shows that your child does not back down from a challenge.

When your child shows this trait:

  • He/she shows good leadership qualities
  • This trait will also complement your child’s time management skills, as he/she is not only focusing on completing a task, but also doing it in as per the schedule
  • Such children also show qualities of critically evaluating situations, and observing different ways of problem-solving
  • They take the lead in group activities

Parents find it hard to guide children who do not take responsibility for the tasks assigned: homework is always delayed, the chores at home are left untouched till you are forced to cajole your child into completing his/her work.

How can you help your child?

Here’s a parenting tip: give your child a choice to the child and encourage him/her to choose between the different areas in which they can help someone else. The situations can be related to family members, which will encourage your child to think about how he/she can contribute to society.

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