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It’s no secret that teaching methods have drastically changed in the last 10 years. Many of us were forced to learn the tables by rote learning. But now, kids use an abacus to learn multiplication.

However, the recent phenomenon is such that most children engage in rote learning, where they memorize things without actually understanding the real underlying meaning of the concept.

One more revelation is that a teacher’s teaching style and the student’s learning style may differ, thereby making it even more challenging for a kid to learn something. Also, each student’s learning style may vary, wherein, one might find it easier to learn things visually, whereas another child might find it easier to learn things by hearing them (auditory). So, there might be no uniformity in the children’s preference for learning a concept, making it even more challenging for the parents and teachers.

A recent study that we conducted showed that only 60% of children aged 10-13 years were prepared to use different learning methods. The study further concluded that 4 out of ten middle school children were not prepared to use different learning methods while leaning a new task. No wonder, most pre-teens are so moody!

Success and preparation

They say that “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity”. For a child, success means different things: it could be acing an exam or it could be learning multiplication or getting a new friend. This will give your kid the confidence in himself/herself.

Another key to success is self-confidence, and children are confident when they are prepared.

What happens when you don’t know your child’s learning method?

 ✗ When you don’t understand your child’s preferred learning methods, more often than not, your home may turn into a war zone because of homework and studies

✗ Your child may not even be performing to the best of his/her abilities

✗Children who are extremely apprehensive and lacking in confidence during exams might still be struggling to identify the best way to learn

Therefore as parents, introduce the different learning methods to your children. Identify which method suits them the best. They might also come up with different methods to learn different subjects. Also, ensure to alter your teaching style to match their learning style to get better results.

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