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What’s the key to effective learning? The answer varies from one child to another. A 7-year-old may learn things faster by listening to people, while a 13-year-old may learn things by reading and writing. Thus, when it comes to children: it’s not just about what they know, it’s also what they know about what they know.

In July 2017, we conducted a study on the method of learning used by the different middle-schoolers aged between 10 and 13. The results showed that 20% of the 7th graders were not aware of the different learning methods. Every student learnt the concepts differently, be it: visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Some concepts were harder for them to grasp than others, where they scored well in one subject and performed badly in another subject.

Happier children

☺ Ensuring that your child knows good learning strategies  will ensure that he/she knows how to acquire new knowledge, which leads to improved learning outcomes, better self-esteem, confidence in his/her work

☺ Our studies also showed that kids who use different learning methods perform better in competitions

☺ More importantly, these children would strive to live up to their potential, thereby leading to an increased sense of self-worth and self-confidence

☺ A happy child spells a happy household. This will ensure that the house is a no-war zone. No more homework tussles and tantrums. What more can a mother want!

Struggling students

☹ A child performing badly in a subject might not have learnt the concept in his/her preferred way.

Thus, to transform your kids into happier ones, introduce the different types of learning methods to them and see which method suits him/her the best. Also, make sure to alter your teaching style, so that your style of teaching matches with your child’s style of learning.

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