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Development happens at all ages, but it takes place more rapidly during the formative years of a child’s life. Hence, it is very important to focus on enhancing the procedural memory of the child during the first few years of the child’s developmental phase. Procedural memory stores information on how to perform certain procedures, such as walking, talking and riding a bike. So, How do you get your kid to learn new things?

According to our research across various schools, only 36% of the parents said that their children (aged 6-10 years) seek new ideas while doing any task, which means that a majority of the children do not think outside of the box and this gap needs to be filled and worked upon by parents.

What are the benefits of doing things creatively and learning new skills?

  • Learning new skills is very closely linked to a child’s procedural memory. A developed procedural memory can help a child learn new skills and also encourage the child to develop on the skills that they have already learnt.
  • The ability to look for different ways in which to perform activities step-by-step leads to the development of new skills.
  • Learning new skills is an important aspect that helps expand academic knowledge, which also results in personal improvement. Innovation helps to develop skills that are helpful in the long run.
  • According to many researchers, genes also play a part in helping a child meet developmental milestones and acquire skills, but the environment the child is exposed to also can hugely influence skill development.
  • This includes experiences children have in their home, school and community. The environment a child is subjected to can either improve or harm a child’s genetic blueprint.
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