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Once you understand the importance and types of learning styles, and after you identify the best method for your child, you will then be able to configure your teaching methods and curriculum to best suit their styles. Your child’s learning style may vary from time to time or depending on the subject or concept.  Does your child understand a story when he /she reads it silently or reads it aloud? Does he/she need to draw it or act it out to really understand the story? Every child has his or her own learning style – a unique way of taking in and processing information and they combine different styles for different concepts.

According to study that we conducted across various schools, we found that 84% of the parents said that their children (aged 10-13 years) combine different methods of learning while learning new concepts. Combining the positives of two different methods of learning can help your child overcome limitations of conventional approach and hence gaining a competitive edge.

When your child is able to combine different learning methods:

  • He/she will be better equipped to handle subjects that are usually challenging
  • When your child is sure about his/her ability in a subject, they are poised to take up exams and tests confidently

When your child doesn’t combine different methods of learning:

  • He/she might not be aware of what learning style is best suited for them
  • Your child might hit a roadblock with certain concepts, but without knowing how to use different learning methods, he/she might face trouble performing academically

How can you help your child?

In order to be more effective and quicker in learning something, your child must not only be able to be aware of best suited methods, but also needs to form a plan on how to tackle a particular subject, which requires your child to differentiate between easy and hard concepts and distinguish how long it would take as well.

Here’s  a parenting tip- Ask your child to form a study plan for a day, while taking into consideration, the difficulty level of studying each topic and how it needs to be distributed in allocated study time.

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