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It’s report card time. Every parent wants their kid to score well and get an “A” in every subject, but sometimes your child might not perform, then how do you help your child move forward from a bad grade?

Here’s how:

1.  Understand the grading system
Read the key indicating how the grading system works before reacting.
Each school may have a different way of grading and it may be different than what you’re used to. That’s why it’s important to fully understand how your child’s school handles it and work accordingly.

2. Focus on your child’s strengths
For many parents, an easy response to a bad report card is, “I can’t believe your grades are so bad” or “What were you thinking?” However, it is also important to remember that each child has a unique skill set.  Your child may not have received the best grades but you can always direct them to be better at their strength areas.

3. To them,  it’s a big deal.
Remember that for children, a report card can be incredibly intimidating and scary. Instead of focusing on one bad grade or even a report card full of bad grades, try to point out the positive aspects of your child’s report card. Remember, how you react to their shortcomings at this age will always be their reference point for any tough conversation they want to have with you or any impending important decision in their life in the future.

4. The way ahead
Sometimes kids just need a little extra help. Whether your child struggles with Math, History, or Science, it’s important that you recognize when a traditional learning style isn’t working. Find a learning style that best suits your child.

5. Create a plan
Come up with a plan so the next report card won’t be so bad. This means setting realistic goals for the next semester and helping your child brainstorm ways to meet these goals.

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