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Internship opportunities available for high school students are increasing and they provide students with valuable information even before they enter college. Just like any internship, the opportunities that are available for high school students give them a heads-up on some of the career options that are available to them even before they become a college student.

Why Do an Internship?

  • It’s a great way to begin exploring career options and finding those jobs that may be of interest.
  • Many students begin college with no idea of what career they may want to pursue but by completing an internship they begin to get acquainted early with some of the career opportunities that are available.
  • Many times students identify early what careers they don’t want to do and that information can be just as valuable.
  • They discover their strengths, weaknesses and potential as they complete an internship.
  • While interning, your child is likely to gain greater exposure and are also likely meet many experts in a wide range of specialties. Along the way they may also discover some positions and fields that you had never considered before.
  • An internship also gives you a glimpse of how any professional organization functions.
  • Your child will also end up making some valuable contacts within that industry and gain confidence.

What does your high-schooler need to complete an internship?

  • When you find an internship for which you want to apply, it is important to have a well-crafted resume that highlights what makes your child as a strong candidate for the position.
  • Be sure the document includes your child’s education and past work/volunteer experience.

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