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According to a recent study, a mother’s genetics determines how clever her children are.

Not that we need any proof, but here’s why the saying goes “Moms really do know BEST”- They washed our wounds, made sure we went to classes on time, dropped and picked us up from school, all the while budgeting the entire household’s monthly budget. As she wears many hats- A financier, a strategist, a crisis manager, a promoter, a trainer, a counsellor, a chef, a nutritionist- They never once tire or utter a cry of exasperation.

Here are a few ways a mother’s presence influences the child and the lessons that stay with them through their adult life:

Best friend for life

Even as your sullen teen distances him/herself from you now, as they grow into adults, they share their lives with the one person who stands by them through thick and thin. From talking about crushes to learning to wear make-up and draping a saree, mothers teach daughters how to respond to the world. Sons learn to respect women and about relationships from their mothers.

A sense of safety

Safety – As little people, we feel the world as dangerous, we feel alone. Even as a child is born, the feeling of security comes from that one person, and as the child grows up as well mothers provide their children with a security blanket through their lives.

Safety comes in the form of a person who is predictable, stable, and danger-free. A mother’s consistent, caring, and soft and understanding attention gives every child a safe place to turn; she transforms the dangerous world into a place of safety.

Basic Trust

Basic trust is the ability to invest oneself in a relationship. Children must first experience many instances of trustworthiness before they can truly trust others. Trust is learned. And it enables children to reach out, to depend, to need, and to see others as the source of good things. The relationship between a mother and child mirrors every other bond the child builds over time.


Too often these days, we hear stories of young people who simply can’t cope with change. We find that an increasing number of students buckle under the strain of stress and expectation. Not so for children of strong mothers. They’ve observed their mothers’ incredible resilience, and they themselves have had to adjust to new situations.

To all the strong mothers out there, Happy Women’s Day!

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