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It is not uncommon to find the relationships between teens and adults turning to become a one – full of disagreements, these days. Often, however, these disagreements may escalate into full-blown battles at times. Why? Because teens tend to resist rules and limits and adults want to enforce them.

But there are things that adults can do to navigate these situations with as little fighting as possible:

Be Consistent –

Parents who do what they say they will, and enforce the rules each and every time, will have fewer issues with power struggles than those who don’t.

Stay Calm –

When kids test your limits or are disrespectful, it’s easy for parents to get emotional. However, when parents get upset, the intensity level of the entire situation may shoot up. Thus, your goal should be to stay calm and help your child stay calm as well

Keep Consequences Proportionate –

When kids are driving adults crazy and emotions are running high, it can be tempting to throw out harsh and permanent consequences (i.e., “No more TV for a month.”)

Wildly irrational consequences are meaningless to teens because they know they won’t stick to them. Try hard to keep the consequences proportionate to what has happened. If necessary, take some time to calm down and reflect before deciding on them. You can also involve your teen in discussing what he/she thinks the appropriate consequences would be. This way your teen would also understand the consequences of his/her actions.

Download the Mai app to improve your child’s skill in managing emotions and also assess your child’s skill in decision making.

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