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With an alarming increase in child sexual abuse incidents, it is time to talk to your children about about the difference between a good touch and bad touch. Every day, we read about an incident in the newspaper, so it’s no wonder that parents these days are taking this important step of addressing “Good touch/ Bad touch” from a very young age – to both girls and boys.

What does your child need to be taught?

Children must be taught that if something happens that makes them feel uncomfortable, they must tell somebody they trust.

Help your child realize that they have the right to say ‘no’ to those who would abuse their authority as adults. They need to understand that saying “no” doesn’t mean that they are “behaving badly” or “being rude”

As a parent you need to ensure your child understands what a good touch/bad touch is

  1. Good touch is touch that feels safe
  2. Bad touch hurts their body or feelings

Here are a few safety tips for your child:

  1. Tell your child their address and phone number
  2. If you go somewhere, where you become separated from your child, have a ‘meet place’
  3. Make sure they know how to dial the emergency services and what to say.

Your child’s health is important, just as much as their cognitive and personal growth and development. Download the Mai app to improve your child’s skills and abilities, and also track your child’s growth and development.

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