Social skills
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Conversation skills are something we might take for granted as adults sometimes. However, as kids, some of us would have been seamlessly social, while others might have been shy and quiet. For some children, even a single word could be daunting, example – commenting on the weather, communicating with body language, even a small “hello” or “thank you” could seem like a humongous task.

Thus, for children, knowing the appropriate reciprocal questions to take a conversation forward and knowing how to switch topics appropriately is the key to make friends and build relationships. Approaching other children to have conversations is one of the factors that help children develop new friendships. Just saying “hello” or attempting to make conversations is an essential skill to have, which boosts their self-esteem.

According to a study that we conducted, 24% of the parents from various schools across Bangalore said that their kindergarten children aged 3-6 years found it difficult to initiate conversations and would shy away.

What happens when your child is slow to start conversing with people or other kids?

  • He/she might face trouble with language development
  • Building a vocabulary is important in the early years and kids who face problems initiating and holding conversations may lack verbal skills and turn reticent
  • This social skill is important to make new friends and build relationships with the people around, especially classmates and immediate family members

When a child is confident in his/her ability to speak:

  • He/she can easily initiate conversations with their classmates and lead the various group activities, thus, making them popular
  • His/her academic performance improves as they easily understand concepts
  • His/her verbal skills develop at a faster rate, making them confident and self-assured

Getting your child to talk:

Here’s a parenting tip that will motivate your child to initiate conversations with others. You can start small by asking your child to get a few things from family members either by asking them, convincing them, persuading them etc. This will give them the confidence to approach people.

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