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We have seen the rise of the internet age. And as a result of this, we’ve come to see children accessing the internet more often than needed.

But is this dangerous?

Children fill their free time with internet activities which may be a matter of concern for the parents and teachers. Most parents of this generation let the child use laptops and mobiles due to their busy schedules. Too much screen time can have a bad effect on kids. So, it’s up to the parents to regulate the time spent online.

A child needs to take time to do other activities like reading, homework, writing and other physical activities. If not, the following are some of the negative effects that too much screen time can have on your children:

  • Increases chances of being obese
  • Kids may have a tougher time getting to bed and may have problems falling asleep as they continue obsessing about the internet, video games, and TV programs during the night
  • Possibility of developing depression, anxiety, and attention problems, including ADD and ADHD.

Don’t let your child go down this route. Here are 4 ways in which we can limit Internet time for your children:

Setup the computer location wisely:

The home system or laptop should be set up in a location that is central and not inside your child’s room. This will help you keep an eye on your child’s screen time frequently.

Be strict about online time:

Like everything else, allot an hour or so the for internet use. Make sure your child adheres to it. It is advisable to keep children under 2 years away from any kind of screen time.

Parental lock on some sites:

Install parental control software on the systems. Websites with inappropriate content will be screened with this software. You can also block certain sites that you don’t wish for the child to open.

Age-appropriate apps:

If your child is using tabs and smartphones, download age-appropriate apps. Make sure your child doesn’t use anything else other than these. Internet addiction is a serious problem and should be addressed with urgency. If your child is growing increasingly aloof and detached, a timely intervention will help.

Download the Mai app to improve your child’s skill in making choices and also assess your child’s skill in logical thinking.

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